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Dátum: 2023.12.08. 13:34:30
manukind your friends insulting everyone and you call it that they having some fun and then you blame the others for toxicity?and while you are bulling the new players and the new clans saying that you dont loose anything or no damage now you cry about your forum points?so where does the forum point interfere with the game?and what damage you are taking from the forum points?seriously i want to know why all this fuzz about the forum points while you say why players complaining about actual attacks on the game?why you and your friends have the right to insult everyone and as you call it "have some fun"and you cry about the forum points.
Dátum: 2023.07.13. 12:39:11
exactly with what they did you dont have the chance to get out of the torture chamber even if you can since you dont know u are in.additionally this will not stop the bully attacks from the lv200 to lv20 quite the opposite it will incease them.there were so many suggestions and what they did it was only to please AGAIN the high lvl bullies instead of protecting the new players.to be honest i am also thinkking of delete my account and move to another game.let the high lvl bullies play on empty servers
Dátum: 2023.06.26. 10:59:23
manukind if the torture chamber is your motive shouldnt be aiming higher opponents?for example i am lvl28 .lets say that i make 10 hunts and lets say that a lvl100 make 10 hunts,logic says that he will earn at least 5 times more SE than me.so that means you will earn more from him than me from the torture chamber.so if the motive is the torture chamber in order to get SE then dragging higher lvl would be the best option.not to mention that the SE you will get from a lvl20 even with the torture will be much less even from a clan chamionship duel at your lvl.so i dont see the point of targeting lvl20 instead of lvl100 and above.
Dátum: 2023.06.25. 10:33:02
i will have to agree with nexus.yes you dont loose anything when a lvl200 attacks you but you pay him through the torture chamber.so basically if you keep playing you will keep paying him and he will hitting you everyday.i am lvl27 i am pretty sure if i wasnt premium manukind or galuska will be having me on a daily hit.and to avoid any missunderstanding i say those 2 players only because i have read so many complains about those 2 and not for any other reason.putting a limit on the how much lower lvl you can hit with subplasma would be a solution but for me the best solution would be not to be able to drag someone on the torure chamber when you attack with subplasma.
Dátum: 2023.06.19. 11:47:10
manukinnd i played less than one year.active except a period that i had been away for personal reasons.does this qualify me to you as a spider? and yet you were attacking me for no reason and we have 230 lvl difference.i came to the forum due to a task but it really upsets me when i see a lvl200 and above to try to find excuse for attacking new players.obviously it is not about the se cause even from the torture chamber the amount you get is ridiculus low.i mean with your stats you need thousand SE to increase one stat,right?the 100 se that you will get from dragging me in the torture will not help you.i mean even if i sell a yellow healing potion,the cheapest one i will get more SE than you by dragging me on the totrure chamber.so give me a reasonable reason for this kind of attack.dont say it is legal,this is not the question.explain to me how you get more from attacking a lvl20 than attacking a lvl100 or above
Dátum: 2023.05.11. 10:23:55
fos i have already made suggestion to the developers and i am sure others have made now and in the past since as i see there is a problem with the subplasma attacks and with the specific player but i see no changes so far.as i understood crystal clan was added for high lvl players to have targets and can complete tasks but as it seems some prefer to keep hitting new players with the same excuse that the game forces them to hit players that are 200 lvls below them and just started the game
Dátum: 2023.05.11. 10:18:31
you got angry for players complaning about your attacks and try to change things to be better for all since you dnt understand.according to you low lvl players cannot complain when players 200 lvls above them hitting them and suggest things to change to improve the game but you have the right to complain for any change that will stop that behaviour.what exactly was youway toward understanding?i will keep hitting you and you have to ignore my attacks?you call this understanding?i have read also the previous post to see if someone proposed something before and the only thing i noticed is that too many players complianed about your attacks and you were the only one opposed to any suggestion that was made to stop or rediced that.you only suggestion is to increase the range of the normal attacks so that you can hit more players without using subplasma and without the protection of the premium that might have.any other change that might stop you from hitting new players that are 200 lvls below is impossible for you.not to mention taht you to stop hitting players 200 lvls below is out of the question caus as you say you have every right to do it and noone can stop you.
Dátum: 2023.05.10. 10:31:31
because it is hard to you to stop hitting lvl20 players,manukind?
Dátum: 2023.05.09. 11:17:38
first of all the suggestion was made some we have suported the first suggestion and some didnt you turned it in personal argue not me i responded to your comments.i read the previous comments about your attacks from other new players even before january and not all are on events.there is only one event that have a task for subplasma and even that doesnt mean that you have to hit lvls that are 200 below you.so obviously you are the one that whinning when someone says that a lvl200 hitting a lvl20 cause basically you know you are the only one or one of the few that do such ridiculous attacks.as for your proposal i have answered but seems you do not understand so lets make it as clear as possible to you and this time l hope you understand it.1 removing the subplasma task from an event will not stop you hitting new players since you dont do it only in the events as other players said so so dont say that it is personal since many new players compaining about your attacks even when not an event is running.secondly if your suggestion about the subpplasma mean that using subplasma to hit max 40 lvl below you i agree.so as you see you are the one that you dont admit that you enjoy hitting low lvl players and try to find excuses for your attacks.and last regarding your lame excuse that the event task forces you to use subplasma on lvl20 and you suggest that the range of the subplasma to be only until below lv40 you can do that even if the developers dont change the anything.you can hit players only in that range and not hitting players that are only 200 lvl below you.and should i remind you that there is also that the crsyal clan was created for that reason also?
Dátum: 2023.05.08. 20:48:50
i also figured youd say thata gain manukind but did you bother to see how many were compaining about your attacks even before january?i did search on the other topic and just to remind you the recent post of pyro666 about your attacks?

Complaints -> General complaint
Date: 2023.01.28. 17:12:09

i dont want a respond,i dont even see a point to debate you if what you do is right or wrong i have seen your previous answers but at least tell the truth.you say that you usually dont hit lower lvls and you have been hitting me from when i was lvl12 if i wasnt premium.if i stopped being premium within the week i would get attacked by you at least once and then i got to be premium again.yes you play according to the rule and the developers might be happy cause you make new players being premium all the time but most of them either leave the game or do what i do go to catacomves until they have enough loyalty to get AS to be premium again either way no money is coming on the server.as for me misremembering i am telling you that i remember very well cause you were the only one of 200 lvl that was hitting me so for me it is very easy to remember you for you might be more difficult since from what it looks you hitting many low lvl players.like i said i wil not debate with you about the hits but at least tell the truth about hitting low lvl new players

shoould i search and remind you all tthe ther players that were complaining about you?the post are still there you can read them again. as for your comment about make yourself someone high level players don't want to attack just because you hit players that are 200 lvl below you and cannot fight back doesnt mean that they dont want to hit you,there are just new players much lower lvl than you and cannot fight back.dont think you are mister popular that all the players like him,i am sure your clan like you but as it looks many players dont like you.so instead of giving me lessons of how to be a player that high lvls want hit better try to larn how to respect the other players that just started the game
Dátum: 2023.05.08. 15:56:02
first of all the only reason you stopped attacking me is because you cannot since i become premium before i go to the catacomves.so this the reason.i think someone on the other topic already said that everytime he stopoed being premium you were keep hitting him so here is your answer from someone besides me.now when you say that you will prefer to spend subplasma and 80 duels points just to hit a lvl 20 instead using them in a way that you will earn more SE only shows that you enjoy it and because of a task all the other excuses you are saying.you say that the only way to prevent you from attacking me is only if the developers stop you so all the excuses that you dont have enough targets,although there is also the crustal clan for completing duels task and even tasks,are just excuses while you still can stop hhitting lvl20.if you cannot understand the difference between right and wrong or use and abuse of a game feature by now i cannot teach you that.for you it right n every way to hit someone that is 200 lvls below.so if finally end up playing on emty servers only wih your clansmate dont wonder why this happenned since you do everything you can to get rid all the new players.dont expect to find new targets soon since nonew players will stay in the game but your ego will be satisfied.cause this is the only matters to you right?your ego
Dátum: 2023.05.08. 14:13:22
i dint want to debate with you again manukind but you are provoking for answers.in what way me a lvl24 make you to attack me?did i hit you or someone on your clan?no.when you say i have so many duel potions and so many subplasma and i will attack you no matter what really show that your excuses about task and that the game forces you to attack playesrs that are 200 lvl below you are just BS.you just enjoy hitting players that cannot fight back so be man enough to admit at least that
Dátum: 2023.05.07. 09:51:24
as you wrote it it sounded that you want to increase the normal range without using subplasma and keep the subplasma as it is.this is why everyone was arguing.cause to increase the normal range attacks and keep the subplasma as it it wouldnt do nothing.so your proposal is to put a limit range to the subplasma correct or i misunderstood something?if this is the case i agree with that
Dátum: 2023.05.06. 10:29:19
manukind your proposal of (e.g., doubling normal range) does not limit the subplasma abuse only allows you to hit much lower lvls without using subplasma.if you think about it it is the opposite of what we are talking here.the thing is to reduce the attacks of much higher lvls like 200 and above hitting much lower lvls like 20 and below.so the increased cost of an attack is a better solution.i dont think that a lvl 200 would sacrifice more duel point or more to hit a lvl20,right?so a solution of hitting a 30 lvl below you without using a subplasma and using 1 duel poit and after that the cost of duel point that you have to use to increased by one for every 10 lvls is more practical.for example hitting a player 40 lvl below you u will need one subplasma and 2 duel point,a player 50 lvl below you you will need a subplasma and 3 duel point and so on.as for the limited targerts that you mention all the time the crystal clan has been added for that reason.so if you problem is finding targets for a task or even for an event task the game already gave you solution for that but you dont choose to follow that path and prefer to hit new players.you have options for your tasks
Dátum: 2023.05.05. 11:26:12
My suggestion is that 20 lvl difference the attack cost more like 1 attack point for every additional lvl of differnce,for example a lvl 224 is attacking a lvl 124 then his attack wil cost 81 attack points( 1 point for the attack and 80 points penalty for the 80 lvl difference, attacks within 20 lvl difference will not take any penalty)

that was the suggestion that was done in the past by greekman.not more subplasma but cost of attacks to cost more when the difference is too high.i dotn think that this would stop the attacks but maybe reduce them.i dont think that a lvl200 would sacrifice 80 attack point to hit someone that is 100 lvl below him or even more to hit a lvl20 just to get 100 SE.cause as your friend said before hitting a lvl20 player will not give you a good amount of SE even from the torture chamber.so lets say the truth here manukind,you dont hit lvl20s for the SE but for your own personal pleasure
Dátum: 2023.05.02. 09:55:08
first of all this is a suggestion box so i have every right to make a suggestion,that is the subject of this topic.secondly your example is way out of subject.first of all there is no rule to attack players with 200 lvl difference.secondly as far as i know and read from players and from the developers the subplasma has been added because some high lvl players were complaining for not having enough targets for some events or tasks.althoug with the introduction of the crystal clan this is also not apply anymore since you have enough targets for a ny task or event.secondly as you said the SE that a lvl 200 hitting a lvl20 are not worth but yet you see lvl200 hitting lvl15 with the excuse of a task or a an event task.we both know this is just an excuse by now.unless you want to tell me that a lvl200 is so desperate from the 100SE that will get,even squeeze a pet will give him more or only one hunt and you know this is true.as for the developers making a change unless someone ask them or propose solution for the abuse of the subplasma nothing will happen.so you might dont like it but dont blame me for trying to make things better and more fair for many players.unless you prefer to end up playing on an empty server since most of the new players are leaving the game when they see that no matter what they do they will get attacked daily or not from players that are 200 vl above them and actually pay them through the torture chamber so they will keep doing it
Dátum: 2023.05.02. 09:42:48
i think we both know thatthe removal of the subplasma attacks not only will never happen but some players that use them or abise them will start a riot.my objective is not to removel the subplasma attacks since some players will say that they cannot do some tasks or events which especially for high lvls we all know that is not true since there is also the crystal clan if the attacks are made for a task.the objective is to stop the abuse of the subplasma attacks.let me explain what i mean.you have a lvl200 attacking a lvl60,although we all have seen examples from attacks of lvl200 and above to attack lvl15, just to drag him to the torture chamber.so basically the game rewards the lvl200 for attackig al lvl15.that is the objective since some players abuse the subplasma attacks.if a lvl200 attacks a lvl 15 or 60 and gets only the duel SE which will not be more than 100 SE i see no point for daily attacks or even an attack to a player with such a high lvl difference.so basically you dont remove the subplasma or the torture chamber since some players will start a riot but you put a limit to the abuse of the subplasma
Dátum: 2023.04.29. 14:07:24
in order to avoid the continius hit from lvl100 and above,mostly from lv200 and above, hitting the new players that some of us made the mistake to invite into the game just to drag them nto their torture chamber and actually the low lvls paying the much higher lvls i suggest that players can drag to the torture chambers only players until 20 lvls below them.so basically a lvl200 hittint a lvl20 player the only thing he gains is the money from the battle and not able to drag him to the torure chamber.this will also eliminate the excuse of the lvl200 hitting low lvl players and new players just saying that theiy do it only for a task.As it is now a lvl200 hitting all the time lvl that are 100 and more lvls below him is done so the lvl200 just hit and stay so the low lvlpaying him from the torure chamber.
Dátum: 2023.02.03. 12:40:01
you asking too much from manukind
Dátum: 2023.02.01. 11:22:14
we also dont believe your excuses any more.all those players are lyiing and you are telling the truth,right?everyone is against you cause you never attack new players and if you dosomething is forcing you to do it,right?
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