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Date: 2013.03.08. 00:52:42
Ah, thanks, indeed I went invisible for ToD...
Date: 2013.03.07. 20:58:44
Event points: X.5

I'm just curious, how someone get 0.5 event points?
Date: 2013.02.01. 13:51:17
And how much essences?
number/SE is ok, but flow of essences is loooow
Date: 2013.01.31. 13:19:27
Is it something done to the luck factor in squeez during xeno? I squeezed around 30-40 without single essence...
Date: 2012.12.12. 09:09:41
Thanks Sbart!
Date: 2012.12.12. 08:51:25
I would like some clearer explanation for backstab skill.
(1+backstab skill)/40
backstab is 1 too, so its 2/40 for what?
Or is it x+1/40 (x being skill execution)
And equals what?

And there's no more SE when coupe de grace, but the skill is higher (as if I raised it in my skill tab)?
Date: 2012.12.05. 15:39:52
So, I didn't get my Chain of Dread, and due to some misfortune (or bug) of using tablet, I get 4 potion of happiness, instead monster cocktail. I wrote to Miklos, but I'm stuck in 5 row cause of this, don't have much time to wait.
I guess I'll got my chain once you see i don't have it, but is there some way you replace my potions for cocktails, or take potions and refund so I can buy cocktail. Either way, thanks. I hope this will be answered today...
Date: 2012.12.02. 13:02:53
Soooo, how to use archgem?
Date: 2012.10.22. 03:10:01
Nice, can't wait for new event!
Date: 2012.07.13. 14:50:35
Thanks for quick answer!
I got mine in w1, but still nothing in w3. So, either I got that medal the same second the xeno is over, or I didn't get it at all. I just know that last day of xeno, I had x medals, and I still have x. I don't know my number before xeno, sorry.
And almost forgot - talking about squeez medals.
Date: 2012.07.12. 19:31:10
Can someone check my character in both w1 and w3, I'm sure I didn't get medals (same number as before xeno, and in w1 I should get one I didn't have before). Same username
Date: 2012.06.10. 13:15:30
Thanks to Miklos on AS answer and to Sbart about mithril!
Date: 2012.06.09. 20:18:17
Well, I didn't got answer about mithril relics, I hope I'll get for this one.
Does buying 10xAS with temple crystal convert 10 of burnt out into regular AS?
I'm premium player, but this is good to know for future.
Date: 2012.06.05. 17:53:32
Nice changes, but heads up would and will be welcome.
Date: 2012.05.28. 18:50:59
So, I have x drain soul in first round of duel and y drain soul in others, without sum x+y in all rounds...
Thanks for info!!!
Date: 2012.05.28. 17:09:52
I have spell, level 111, but didn't get drain soul bonus.
In character bonuses, drain soul is sum of all my equipment without spell.
I don't know if this is only bug on character page, or I really don't get bonus in duels when draining soul.
Little help?
Date: 2012.05.24. 17:02:04
Just to ask again

Is this 'mithril' type of upgradeable relics only available through Relic Coupons? Is that last and ultimate type of relic or is there more?

So I could make some plans for the future ToD solving
Date: 2012.05.17. 13:01:59
Is this 'mithril' type of upgradeable relics only available through Relic Coupons? Is that last and ultimate type of relic or is there more?
Date: 2012.05.17. 11:27:33
Or maybe 2 days for lesser items, 3 for common and 4 for rare, this way auctions will became more dynamic and more ducats will be spent.
Date: 2012.04.26. 23:32:46
Is part of the final reward infection decrease? I can't remember...
(both of mine characters - w1 and w3 - have 100, and I wouldn't like to see it decreased)
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