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Date: 2012.03.24. 07:44:46
Duel/Set duel points. He is on "I don't want to challenge others or be challenged." setting. Change it and he will be able to do challenges.
Date: 2012.03.16. 15:34:03
I agree 100%. I don't even mind if it is postponed for another 2-3 days, but let us have a proper Championship without any complications! Also todays medals should be removed, since the Championship has a certain perstige to it, and it is unacceptable to give out medals because of a bug. It's like winning champ medals on the wheel-of-fortune...
Date: 2012.03.13. 16:16:19
The next last-blood championship should be on 16th March, but the registration is still not open. Will it be postponed to a later date?
Date: 2012.02.06. 17:44:10
Academy 10
Date: 2012.02.03. 16:23:09
Even if they cannot benefit from the castle's ability, they surely will benefit from the clan quests, which gives them extra SE (and Crystal points + AA points for higher level players).

The clan quest system is like this: There are 10 different kind of quests, and the clan has to solve all of them (the order doesn't matter). If you finished all of the active clan members will get reward, which depends on their level, and how much they levelled up during the quests. After that you can repeat the same 10 quests again.
Date: 2012.01.10. 15:56:54
Punisher items are the ones, that make you lose AP when you attack someone equipped with it.
The starting SE on a previous hun W4 was 11M, not 50 M.
Date: 2011.12.11. 14:36:17
I believe you tried to attack a crystal horde member. When you are at war with someone you can only attack them once in an hour, it doesn't matter whether you have lvl. 89 continuum or not. The sad thing is that the GM knows about this, but doesn't want to change it.
Date: 2011.11.25. 16:06:51
No, it doesn't decrease the entity's spell damage, but it decreases it's regeneration between battles. Every skill level decreases this regen by 0,02% of the entity's maxHP.
Date: 2011.11.25. 16:00:45
Revisiting the Xeno event page should solve your problem.
Date: 2011.11.25. 11:50:18
Also if your level is higher than his, the 15% HP changes. If you are 1 level higher its 20%, if you are 2 levels higher its 25%, if you are 3 levels higehr its 30% ... etc.

edit: spelling errors
Date: 2011.11.23. 11:51:35
Nothing happens if you cannot kill the queens in time. The event will go on until the last one is dead, so don't worry. The "3 weeks" deadline is there in case the players are uninterested in the event so the admins can shut it off with a reason.
Date: 2011.11.22. 11:57:20
If you buy the black market membership relic your max trade will be 180 and useful again, thats why.
Date: 2011.11.21. 12:04:21
Same here, I took the Xeno quest orb, but I didn't get it.

W2 Jonny Fairplay
Date: 2011.10.03. 16:02:48
Low level players can sell their half-year auction ticket for soul diamonds (since they cannot get any dimension gate loot). Those boots are for them to buy.
Date: 2011.09.30. 11:57:03
Could it be, that you attacked someone with Scarab of Death, and it took the SE?

Edit: Sorry, I read back and got the answer. Unfortunately I have no other idea. Possibly it was a bug.
Date: 2011.09.24. 20:44:05
That's right, Zarknod dropped the Orb, I remember it clearly.
Date: 2011.09.22. 16:23:32
I started the event with maximum stored AP: 800
The event lasted for 28 days, and I bought golden ducats for 5 AP-s every day: 28*45= 1260
Accelerations: 600

Alltogether: 2660, that means 1330 battles possible. I also had some SE with me at the start of the event.
Date: 2011.09.22. 16:18:15
I have bought all the accelerations for AP-s way before the event. When I ran out of AP during the event I "exchanged" them back for ancient stones. This way I was able to store 600 more AP-s to the event. Plain and simple.
Date: 2011.08.28. 08:47:29
It is translated incorrectly: that is the overall used SE. Every stage will last for 10 days, so the event will be 30 days long.
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