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Date: 2011.07.04. 19:35:29
Well, I was present on the hungarian server, when it was introduced. It was a countermeasure against an exploit. Two guys were hitting each other back and forth with millions of SE and the creative affinity "created" them much more millions. As you can see, this limit is needed, however you are right when you say, that it should have been mentioned somewhere.

Besides you can find this info on the doomlord wiki webpage under the creative affinity skill description.
Date: 2011.07.04. 16:49:31
Creative affinity has a daily maximum (even if you use Energy Harness). If you reach that maximum, you only get the normal SE from duels.

The formula is:

If you are on the 15 Duel Point / day setting:
(600+(10*shape reality skill lvl.))*your lvl.

If you are on the 30 Duel Point / day setting:
(900+(10*shape reality skill lvl.))*your lvl.

Also the formula gets a 1,2 multiplier if you are in the diamond horde.
Date: 2011.07.02. 20:23:04
Because Energy Master and Useful Energies does stack.

Tusk of loot was a relic in the first map event, it increased Energy Harness beyond it's maximum. (I don't know whether anyone has it here on doomlord servers...)
Date: 2011.06.30. 17:17:58
That relic can only be used once.
Date: 2011.06.07. 22:25:31
He was attacked 5 times within 3 hours.
Date: 2011.06.01. 17:02:24
The acceleration also doubles your categorized questions, but it doesn't work with the keys. You should get the maximum amount of quiz medals from categorization before buying one of the keys.
Date: 2011.04.07. 16:58:50
Date: 2011.02.12. 14:49:54
She can buy every spell 1 level sooner, because she is in the emerald horde.
Date: 2011.02.07. 15:26:33
If the prisons are not complete, the queens will resurrect. We have to deal with building up the prisons first.
Date: 2010.12.03. 20:30:26
Once the event started you will see it at the huckster's page.
Date: 2010.12.01. 08:41:22
Only the huckster event's relics doesn't stack up with each other (for example a golden and a silver belt). They DO stack up with rings, necklaces and other relics.
Date: 2010.11.27. 19:08:58
Your calculations are wrong.

Lets take your example:
A level 40 character, who has a level 50 TP can protect the following amount of SE: 50*(100+2*40)=9000 SE

I'm pretty sure, that the formula is right.
Date: 2010.11.27. 08:57:42
The formula:
TP * (100+2*lvl)

TP = level of your transcendal projection skill
lvl = your character level

If you have the relic from the zarknod event (transcendal focus), then the formula is modified like this:
TP * (100+2*lvl) * 1,5
Date: 2010.07.16. 18:35:19
" When someone is in the torture chamber, do you get his won SE from duels only, or from hunting as well? I would like to hear from the coders on this one (of from someone with inside info )"

You get the SE from every activity he does (duel, hunt, pet squeezing etc.). It is 1% of what the tortured got that day.

"Also, does all SE from that day count, or is it just from the point of dragging?"

It counts from the very first dragging of that day. If someone drags you very early, then the others, who drags you later will also get the same amount of SE after your actions.

"and what time of day does the tortured person stop giving SE ? , I've noticed that you don't receive the SE until 4 hours after the game clock reset's"

Thats it, when the chamber resets (at 4 a.m.) and you get the SE after one day's actions.

I hope it was clear.
Date: 2010.06.12. 08:25:24
Before the Euro was introduced, what was the currency in Hungary?

Well, Forint is still the hungarian currency...
Date: 2010.06.01. 18:39:53
Yes, creative affinity increases the effect of harness.
Date: 2010.06.01. 18:37:45
You have a strong character then.

Anyway my info is correct, because it is from one of the programmers (and also the game master confirmed it).
Date: 2010.05.31. 20:45:59
You don't loose anything!

The only disadvantage in changing clans is, that you have to fill your new clan's Soul Well.
Another thing is if you change clan too often, then you loose some luck points, but only if you changed your clan a lot of times in a month.
Date: 2010.05.30. 15:13:01
If the other members are that inactive, then you should apply to a more active clan. You can benefit more from joining a functioning clan, rather then staying in your current one.
Date: 2010.05.30. 10:32:40
You are wrong. The fatigue DOES affect the dimension gate battles, even if it is not written during the battles.
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