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Date: 2013.01.21. 13:14:02
Are you sure that second Mega Essence works?

I have 26+28 Pet training skill and spend 5400SE, when in fact I should spend 25% less. Time is ok.
Date: 2012.12.19. 12:38:58
I just rolled WoF 3 times, and additionally spent 14 luck koupons, and didn't get even one blue treasure...

yey random generator...
Date: 2012.12.18. 10:46:24
15 creative affinity (+5)
7 shape reailty (+20)
14 elementary fusion (+10)
3 energy harness (+10)

need I say more. And I need it for megaessence task in the pyramid. I spent quite AS on gradulantuums, as well as 3 170lvl pets, and I CAN NOT GET THE FIFTH ESSENCE!!!!!!!

Your coding needs change.

PS if it helps, I remember a long time ago I had 4 of the missing essence, and made a catalyst of it. After that, I simply can not get it any more.

This is 39 essences without the needed one!
Date: 2012.12.17. 10:29:28
Also, ring/necklace popup screen is not working on Android devices
Date: 2012.12.17. 10:23:21
Find 150 helm shards should really not be a task in the Pyramid...
Date: 2012.12.15. 18:23:26
why can't I rate forum posts with grade lower than 5?
Date: 2012.12.14. 12:46:01
what does Mask of dread do exactly?
Date: 2012.12.14. 12:15:08
12 creative affinity (+5)
7 shape reailty (+20)
5 elementary fusion (+10)
3 energy harness (+10)

I think all comment is surplus...
Date: 2012.12.14. 01:05:25
Soul well generator is pretty much the worst "feature" of this game. Even your staff thinks so. It's simply not worth it, even when having 500AS on you.

So Ultra rare treasure that has effect on "worst thing in this game" is as well useless
Date: 2012.12.13. 11:20:14
I fully agree with this...
Date: 2012.12.08. 10:58:05

Highest ability total increase

1. Draconus 1.661
2. Tarod 177
3. Predacon 130


Somehow, I find this hard to believe...

Victory: Defeat:
Total: 1086 1972

Ability Total: 1807
Skill Total: 1141

Total building: 113.221.941

Looted soul-energy: 619.614
Lost soul-energy: 854.314
Date: 2012.12.04. 21:39:18
Why is the default button for ruler's decree AS, opposed to ToD's SE?!?!

That just cost me 20AS instead of 200000SE

I want my AS back and task unfinished, or SE deducted instead
Date: 2012.11.23. 14:13:04
what does archgem do?
Date: 2012.10.17. 19:57:48
Ok, but there's another bug. It was ok now (full mana, it was even showing the building unlike before) but when I clicked, it took me to soul discharge page???
Date: 2012.10.17. 10:26:47
Who was the first Major League Baseball player to have his number retired by all teams?

Answer Lou Gehrig is not correct, he was the first to retire, but according to Wiki:

"Normally the individual clubs are responsible for retiring numbers. On April 15, 1997, Major League Baseball took the unusual move of retiring a number for all teams. On the 50th anniversary of Jackie Robinson's breaking the major league color barrier, his number 42 was retired throughout the majors"
Date: 2012.10.17. 10:19:40
My Manaconstruction is greyed out and I can use it on the clan page...

Date: 2012.10.01. 14:57:07
There should be somewhere on the Map Event Page constant connection between soul-hucksters and their items. Currently I do not know for which prize I am competing
Date: 2012.09.12. 14:28:29
Yes I know, I'm raising the skill ofcourse, but had no idea that they increase by 5 for one AA lvl. thx
Date: 2012.09.12. 14:15:10
Where did u get 150?

Doesn't AA ability grant only 30 skill points for negative aura?

"Each level increases maximum..." aren't there are 30 lvls ov AA skill? If one AA lvl in fact increases 5 lvls of the skill, than AA description needs better explanation
Date: 2012.09.12. 11:01:04
You deal 4082 damage. Critical damage! The spell affects your opponent: -98 Defense. Your opponents negative aura damages your for 1004 hit points.

How can someone have 25% damage on a spell???

Negative aura gives 3% max.

Can someone explain?