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Dátum: 2017.06.29. 04:54:01
Please replace the search method for the minion arena for a Diranium based system. 3 levels should be enough: 5, 6+, 10+. It's been taking forever for me to find the 6+ fights. I assume other high level players are facing the same issue.

Dátum: 2017.01.13. 15:33:58
I have made several catalyzed essences and never had any issue. If you have all 5 yellow essences and 1 catalyst, there is no reason not to make a catalyzed essence.

Dátum: 2017.01.07. 14:57:22
Thank you
Dátum: 2017.01.06. 17:31:03
Finish building quest must be removed from ToD! How are we supposed to finish several buildings in a clan with very few buildings still left? And each costing hundreds of millions of SE...
Dátum: 2016.12.22. 18:42:08
Great new relics. Thanks!

There is one relic missing though. A relic that allows us to use 5 pets in fights. It would match the 3rd Familiar perfectly. Without this, it is really pointless, as I am not giving up on my lvl 523 pet (my lowest) for it.

Dátum: 2016.11.16. 02:43:58
That's a gigantic stretch lol
Dátum: 2016.10.30. 17:25:07
Here is what we have at the moment:
Cost has been increasing by 1 consistently every 4 levels, as below:

Lvl Cost
1-4 1
5-8 2
9-12 3
13-16 4
17-20 5
21-24 6

As we get previous cost -1 on every sale, it means every purchase costs 2 Golden SF or 20 AS. Hence the 60 AS per level up.

I don't believe it will increase even more. That would be outrageous given 60 AS per level is already too much.

Dátum: 2016.10.30. 04:16:59
It is definitely worth it!

On a side note, Miklos, please revisit the cost for the minion equipment. 60 AS every time a minion levels up is a bit excessive.

Dátum: 2016.10.01. 19:57:36
It is hard to get over 80%, but it's possible without more than 235 ME. Here is my current potential discount (not there yet due to high cost of the AA skill). As you can see, I would be over 80% with less than 200 ME.

Ultraspec 33.00%
Ring 12.50%
Helmet 4.20%
Alchemist 20.00%
Rod 4.00%
AA 6.00%
Relic 6.00%
Total 85.70%

Dátum: 2016.09.30. 05:17:40
I reached 235 Megaessences earlier this week and the new AA skills were not showing. I then contacted support and they have been made available. There is a small detail though: Specialization has no prereq (unlike what we were told at first), which means the AA skill has been hidden for the past 3+ months for no reason. And if I hadn't reached 235 Megaessences, it would still be hidden for many months until someone else reached it. This is really frustrating...

Dátum: 2016.08.19. 05:48:35
I fully agree with dark and I did complain about it with support in May, but it seems this is "right". The "chat" is below:


2016. May. 06. 19:48Cruel01 (37040)
Hi there.
Just got a Golden Box from one of the VERY RARE Golden Chests of Universe. Inside the Golden Box, 3 Minion Crystals. This makes zero sense! Please remove the Golden Box as a possible prize for the GCU.


2016. May. 09. 07:18Miklós

Sorry, but the golden box itself is not a super-rare item in itself. 10% of all Easter eggs are golden boxes. It's also a common drop from golden chest of universe. You have 20% chance for rare drop, 80% chance for common drop (see above). So yes, sometimes you get lucky, sometimes you wont, it's part of the game

Have fun playing,
Doomlord Team

Dátum: 2016.06.08. 05:17:49
I think we have uncovered the root of the problem. It's in the name!!! Miklos, please rename it to High Luxury Spa and everyone will be happy. The message shall read:
"Seeing how injured you are after the fight, Manunkind invites you to spend a full day in his High Luxury Spa to expedite your recovery. And it is for FREE. He will get paid, of course, but Social Security will cover all expenses. Don't worry. Just relax and enjoy"

Dátum: 2016.06.07. 00:48:38
Wow! The forum is alive again! I like it

Don't really worry about being dragged into the TC. It means nothing. You don't lose anything and the person who dragged you gets a very small percentage of your gains. If you are being dragged by someone 100 levels above you, your SE from the TC will be negligible to them. Just enjoy the game


P.S. Please lemme know in game if you want some revenge on manunkind
Dátum: 2016.05.11. 15:47:35
I like this idea. I would also suggest this new clan building could allow not only a Defender of the Clan, but also a Clan General, which would be chosen by the clan members through vote. The Clan General would have only one special bonus, which would be full visibility of the current percentages (for the clan) in each war territory.

Dátum: 2016.04.01. 05:38:32
You can accumulate answered questions. No need to do one by one. Problem with this quest is that we all (should) have the Golden Key of Knowledge, that gives us 10 hunts per answer, and this is the big issue with the quest. For those own the item, it is very hard to accumulate answers (max is 300) and we end up losing the quest. The counter should 10 answers per question for those who own this key.
Dátum: 2016.03.14. 22:02:15
Hi Milkós.

We should have more relics available in the AH. It's been a very long time since the last update. Here is a list with some suggestions:

- Relics to increase percentage of mytokronits received
- Relic to increase AA received
- Relics to increase the maximum of certain skills (+20 Trade, +5 EH/CA, +5 SM, etc..)
- Relics to increase the maximum of certain AA skills

Also, why not create a "Level 2" for some existing relics? Those would only work if owner already had the basic relic:
- Premium Solsucker -> +20%
- Premium Magitrox -> +10%
- Premium Experience Stone -> +40%
- Premium Golden Coin -> +40%

Others, please feel free to add some suggestions

Dátum: 2016.02.18. 15:44:08
Very nice event! Well done Miklos!

Just one negative comment so far: diamond medal just for top 3 seems like too much. Top 10 is fairer imo.

Dátum: 2016.01.13. 07:57:49
When you do an adventure, the minimum result to pass the test is Player Average for your level + RND (Level/3). And your roll will be your stat + RND (Level/3). So if you are on level 30, your luck is 31 and average luck for your level is 28, your roll can be 31-41 and the minimum required can be 28-38. As you can see, it's perfectly possible that your roll is not sufficient to beat the threshold. That's why you need to use the crystal points.

Dátum: 2015.12.05. 08:47:35
Increasing your luck from x by one point costs (x+21)^2−100 soul-energy.

Doomlord Wikidot has lots of info. You should check it out.

Dátum: 2015.11.30. 18:32:48
They are still not available Miklos. Just wanted to be sure you hadn't forgot to activate them for us well.