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Date: 2010.10.07. 22:52:31
It's not ambiguous, but wrong. Questions with wrong answer are usually deleted, sometimes corrected.

I give you an example to my earlier comment.
Some player feel the "A brick weighs 2kg and half a brick etc." ambiguous. Some other feel it a simple question. However most players can answer it correctly, so it will not be removed from the database.

About specific questions.
According to my experience Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter questions are easily answerable for most players even if they seem to be quite specific. It doesn't mean we will accept any questions in these themes in the future, but I will not delete them if they are already in the database.
Date: 2010.10.06. 17:54:45
I'm back again after a break.
Most of the posted questions are corrected or removed.
If the rate of good answers is 75% or more, the question will not be deleted even if it seems to be specific or ambiguous to some players.
Date: 2010.03.01. 23:12:14
For 2 euro you can buy 20 ancient stones. Any time you buy real ancient stones the same number of burnt-out ancient stones will change into active. So the answer is ok.

And thank you for your comment, I see there is a problem with long questions. I've already indicated that to the programmer.
Date: 2010.03.01. 22:37:52
I have seen the 2012 movie (with John Cusack) last weekend, but I do not remember planet Nibiru or planet X in it. It may be common knowledge, but I asked a couple of friends and none of them heard about it.
Sorry to say, but it seems to be a bit special, even if I can find it by the help of Google.
As I said before, the evaluation process is a subjective thing, you should take it for granted.
Date: 2010.02.24. 11:25:17
Spelling mistakes in question or answers.
This question is already included in the database.

If your question is rejected with these explanations, it isn't counted as "Bad" in your statistics.
In this case you get a possibility to write a new question or the same one without the spelling errors and you don't have to wait for 30 more good answers.
Date: 2010.02.20. 18:32:59
You may have only 2 minutes to answer a question later (because of elementary fusion skill).

If a question can be answered by Google only AND not interesting enough to remember it an hour later, we reject it. Sorry to say, it's the subjective decision of the evaluators.

We tried another evaluation methods in the Hungarian version of the game (there are more than 220,000 questions there, less than 6000 here). We found that some intelligent evaluators are the best method we can offer. The main problem is that we are not from the same country, our education is a bit different. However we try to find out what is common knowledge or interesting for the Doomlord players, but not ridiculously easy.
Date: 2010.02.20. 17:59:52
Instanbul = Istanbul
Date: 2010.02.17. 17:44:41
I found only this one question about orange (with the above mentioned answers):
"Which is a type of orange?"
Date: 2010.02.15. 15:45:59
Quote: Alatus - 2010.02.14. 22:00:17
Uh, this is regarding a glitch of sorts, and I'm not quite sure where to put it...

Lately I've been encountering something that's rather irritating. I'll be answering the questions for hunting and I'll put in the answer I now is right for sure and it says Wrong Answer: The correct answer is ... and the given answer won't be one of the choices. Like I answered the question "Albumin is a substance found in__________" with the answer eggs (know that's right beyond a doubt.) and it said "Wrong Answer! The Correct answer is: 'Canada'". Which isn't even one of the option...

I'm not sure if it's just skipping questions or what. Any help is appreciated. Or redirect me to an appropriate section.

Sometimes the server (or the connection) doesn’t seem to respond, but it’s just irritatingly slow. If you click a second time because of no response, sometimes you get this result: you answer not only one, but two questions at a time, however you haven’t even seen the second question.

Which pagan German epic poem was recorded by the Christians?
The Song of the Nibelungs
The Knight in the Panther Skin

I think it’s not that hard, because only one of these is German and it’s quite famous because of the operas of Wagner.

What is the largest city of Poland?

I think this question has a bad answer marked.

I don’t understand, according to the database the answer is still Warsaw.
Date: 2010.02.12. 19:49:59
It's not an American game, but more basic facts of the American history are known worldwide than specific questions about UK. And yes, I noticed the misspelling of Berkshire, too.
On the other hand, evaluation is always a subjective thing and depends on the culture of your country. We tried another method - player evaluation - but it proved to be a disaster.
So I may only suggest you to write less specific questions.
Date: 2010.02.08. 17:39:02
It's not too confusing, 86% of the players can answer is.
Date: 2010.02.03. 22:58:37
Quote: Valkyrie - 2010.02.03. 11:09:14
And there will be 45th, 46th... this question should be removed completely

Very nice of you to suppose our game will be so succesful.
(However you are right, I removed the question.)
Date: 2010.01.30. 18:16:17
You can't correct it. If you find a mistake in your own question you can write me a private message (quote the exact question text and write the necessary correction). If I read your message before evaluation, I can correct it.
Date: 2010.01.27. 20:38:06
Quote: FriendlyCheese - 2010.01.27. 19:51:19
According to the bible, how many Magi (Wise Men) visited the baby Jesus?

It doesn't say how many there were.

1 good and 3 bad answers have arrived for this question.

Why is that bad?

The question is good, but 3 out of 4 people didn't know the correct answer. (I was surprised myself.)
Date: 2010.01.25. 21:44:54
If you find an error in your own question, please send the exact copy of the question (with typos in it) and the demanded correction to me as a private message, I'll correct it.
However, if your question has been already evaluated as a "bad question" because of misspelling, there is no penalty. I can't correct it anymore, but you can just correct it yourself or you may write a new question instead of the old one.
Date: 2010.01.07. 10:28:51
There are two different questions:
Who got the most olympic medals? AND Who got the most olympic gold medals?
And the answer is not the same.
Date: 2010.01.03. 12:43:15
Happy New Year!

I'm still here.
Date: 2009.12.21. 09:52:20
Perfectly pure water without impurities (H2O) is not a conductor of electricity.
Date: 2009.12.21. 09:22:35
As to your Quiz Olimpics suspicion: I asked the programmer to investigate it.

Quote: Valkyrie - 2009.12.19. 11:23:41
I got a question about which is not correct for DHMO. One of the possible answers was that DHMO was responsible for at least nine of the 10 murders that happen??? This can not be correct and I would like someone to verify this fact. I found one web site, with the facts and there is no mention of connection to murders:

The exact answer was: "At least 9 out of 10 murderers consume DHMO 24 hours prior to a murder."
It is not on your list, but it is true regarding to Dihydrogen Monoxide, isn't it?
Date: 2009.12.13. 12:36:05
It should be out of database now because of the wrong answer - that's why we use the 25% filter.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
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