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Date: 2018.10.12. 01:25:50
Any time estimation on this? The AA skill is still at L10 max?
Date: 2018.10.03. 10:32:30
What are the rules applied in case of a tie? For I see no real stated rule for it.

I was at L111 before, and dropped when someone reached it too? I believe that in order to drop below, I would have to be "surpassed", not just tied, for I was already there... BEFORE!
Date: 2018.09.29. 14:50:23
Oh, almost forgot. It would be good if the help part on ask for help was a bit ... errmm.. clearer. Or maybe , working. As personally, I don't see any diference with placing a nick or not inside the I help box...
Date: 2018.09.29. 14:48:49
I got to see a L 1 clearing a hellish level aswell. Mailed developers. It was a bug with index, showing the wrong ID... and got solved. As far as I can tell, at least on the top ones showing, there is no low level per se. But should you see anything weird, you should mail them
Date: 2018.03.16. 12:59:58
(Upon activation, 0.0117 x spent SE will be used, this multiplier depends on your level and horde)

But again, it does state is level dependable. Regarding horde , dunno if it means just for diamond or just to balance out hordes in the horde competition (doesn't seem to do much based on the light year diference )
Date: 2018.01.02. 17:58:26
and it did look like a devious Lich ? Then, yes, it was him *giggles*
Date: 2017.05.19. 11:05:56
My wild guess would be.. that is added, so we plan ahead "reading them and so on", but will likely "trigger" by the start of next week (as it resets on weekly basis )
Date: 2017.05.08. 12:57:34
You both need the "detector" and the detect mytokronit skill (the higher it's level, the more orange mytos you ll get). Also, as Sbart mentioned, when you send your pets to training, the message tells you about how many orange mytos you ll get.... when they return from their training (or instantly if they get soul squeezed).

Red mytokronits work same way , and you ll need the proper "detector". Fortunately, the detect mytokronit skill is the same skill as the orange one, so once you have both red and orange detectors, you ll benefit even more from improving your detect mytokronit skill...

Lastly, there are some special relics you can pick as reward from huckter wars event that increase the ammount of mytos gained (there is one type for each color , except brown and as many relics, they can be further improved by using relic coupons on them)
Date: 2016.10.01. 12:28:58
@ Cruel. Are you sure about that? For most "prerequisites" do not show up once you meet them except for those that require certain path to be active (such as energy harness). So in short, since you already have those 235 M.E. it might no longer show the text under the AA.

Nevermind, just found it... and it doesnt have any prerequisites for me either.. and I'm light years away from 235 ME. On the other hand.. is it possible to reach the "Note" (aka to reach 80% cut without full ME) to trigger the AA if you dont have those ME?
Date: 2016.09.23. 18:51:07
That's what i thought.... so the ammount of diranium (total) i got from all 4 fights did not make any sense .. unless, only the first fight counted (gave me 3 as failed combat) and the other 3 fights just used up available fights but did not give any dira at all, neither 10 nor 3... (basically they did not took place except for lowering daily available fight)
Date: 2016.09.23. 16:53:21
The combat report "bugged" after second fight. No longer shows the combat report and only gives a single text line with an error.. Nevertheless, the daily attempts go down, and either victory or defeat increase (so the fight seems to take place).

Rewards do not seem to match what it says.

After 4 fights : 2 victories and 2 defeats vs some foes that state 10 diranium (and 13) as reward ... I only have 3 diranium?
Date: 2016.06.29. 12:05:08
Is there actually a W2 and W3? Thought they were merged long ago with W1... of course, I could be perfectly wrong... so take this as a possibility rather than set in stone
Date: 2016.06.27. 12:17:33
@Manunkind : Thanks for your reply. I thought the same thing at first. But realised that some afkers show in the list, while some others, for certain active, do not.
Date: 2016.06.23. 17:44:07
Is there any reason for some players not showing up in the new "high score" options?
Date: 2015.12.11. 19:04:07
Another choice would be not to include guild bonuses when fighting at championship. That way the penalties for too many medals would be noticeable... anyways, that would be a big nerf for many low level spiders
Date: 2015.10.06. 12:10:57
I love how his ideas start "well" and end up leading towards what he needs/wants, like , fetish shards

No offense meant of course, just mho...
Date: 2015.10.06. 12:00:35
The energy bricks for actions/duels (let's say newbie gift) still are gained even if the clan owns a pyramid, as long as you are not a full right member (have full access to buildings by meeting the required SE well ammount). The description (pyramid's description) is a bit misleading but it does not apply to all members, just to those who are already "inside it's walls" (full membership).

The long story short : you still get free energy bricks (and thus free builging energy) in any clan as long as you have not reached the "entrance fee" for that guild.
Date: 2015.09.22. 13:42:37
Is it posible to tell when a doomlord ventured the surface? (aka joined the game, or the character age/creation date).

To admins, is this info stored , in any way, in the database?
Date: 2015.09.22. 13:39:56
As far as I can tell, it's just to assign which minion will get the exp from squeezing when you click on feeding. Instead of having to unselect your current minion, select the one you one, squeeze, deselect and pick your old prefered one. Handy
As long as we get to keep any left over from event to next, I'm good with it
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