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Topic neve: General complaint
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Re: General complaint
1681. hozzászólás - 2023.12.29. 16:20:51 (Válasz gasgamar #1679 hozzászólására.)
"The thing about smart people is that they seem like insane people to dumb people." — Stephen Hawking.

ask your friend to explain that to you since you seem to have problem and need maukind to tell you what to do and explain things to you
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Re: General complaint
1682. hozzászólás - 2023.12.31. 17:22:46
Happy New Year mausoleum moles! May you scurry and chitter in good health, wrapped safely in your warm cocoon of self-righteous indignation.
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Re: General complaint
1683. hozzászólás - 2024.01.09. 14:02:47

This event is a waste of time and duel points. No human targets, only clones. Only 9 of them are in my range, so I have to use subplasmas if I want to reach the 400 wins, and it is even a bigger waste of duel points.
The one and only Fakkjoresszvitbróköngless.

Efficiency is key.
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Re: General complaint
1684. hozzászólás - 2024.01.09. 15:43:16 (Válasz Antidote #1683 hozzászólására.)
it's not a great solution, but you could change huckster armies. that might give you a a couple targets.
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very popularKhineNő
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Re: General complaint
1685. hozzászólás - 2024.01.10. 12:57:53
More targets should be joining the war as time goes by. *The redhead adds from a quiet corner, her green eyes still focused on her book* Some news take some time to spread and to reach ears.

Regarding, whether it is a waste of your time or energy, that's your choice to make. After all, life is all about the choices we make... and the consequences that come from them. *shrugs slightly as her eyes lose focus for a brief moment, deep in her memories*

PS you can also play around with duel point setting, and that would likely add more targets (if you are capped to just attacking higher targets) but yes, I know... that would be another "waste" *winks playfully*
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