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Dátum: 2011.01.22. 12:58:09
Hi !

I wanted to say i am sorry i miss all the discussions on the forum i had a couple of busy days at work ... I don"t mind being investigated and i want to say to all players that think i am cheating to report me to the admin .

And now for some fun ( and defence proof for me ) :

Below is ONE of the msg i usually get in a day but i want to say to the sender - no hard feelings mate

1 - first MSG :

""thats a few times youve hit me seconds after spending SE

im watching you......"

2- My response :

"It"s good to know i have somebody watching me but i hope next time i will be faster and hit with a few seconds before you actualy spend your SE

Good luck hunting

3 - proof that i am a rising start in W2

"what im saying is its starting to look suspicious."

Now for those that are in a hurry the fun part is the after world and i want to promise i will try and do better next time .
Dátum: 2011.01.10. 17:48:31
Idézet: Phalanxii - 2011.01.10. 16:52:29
Even though it's been in my signature for a while, thought I'd make a comment:
A long way to go on it, but it's getting there bit by bit

Miklos, would it be an idea to edit your post summarizing the sites so people can get the info they need straight away?

It looks great !

I promise i will try and make time to read it ... Impresive work !
Dátum: 2011.01.04. 21:16:56
To be honest i agree with doomlord on this ...

But you guys already are talking like the verdict is guilty ! maybe we should wait to see the verdict from the admin ...

In case she is inocent then she can be upset on the admin for all this time that she could not play .

I think we all are curios to see how this will end !
Dátum: 2011.01.02. 21:29:10
You have to make a choice if you select it then your HP will regenerate faster -- but it is not a good idea to have it while you hunt if you try to have health under 15% for protection ....

If you deselect it then your mana will regenerate faster ...

Hope it helps ....
Dátum: 2010.12.30. 11:02:13
Very nicely done
Dátum: 2010.12.29. 11:49:47
clan Crystal Clan capitulated. You won! The reward +143593 charged into the soul-well of your clan.
Dátum: 2010.12.24. 09:14:32
Let me tell you guys why i don"t want to cheat and why i hope that mspiggy did not cheat :

- if i cheat I will soon become very powerful ( that is if i will be able to cheat and not get baned lol ) and then i will be wining every fight and the game will become boring for me and in the end i will either become inactive or quit .

It happen to me before - i am a competitive player and when i become to powerful in a game or my alliance is the most powerful i usually stop playing because i lose interest .

The best and fun periods in any game for me are the ones when i fight for to survive and to become the best ... that is why cheating is fun just in the first 10 minutes after that is Boring .

Now at this moment i can"t beat Mspiggy , she attacks me from time to time and in about 99% she wins the fights so i admire her as a player and hope to become like her -> she is my Doomlord hero so its a goal to me to become powerful and beat her or at least improve that statistic but if she cheats then all my admiration for her skills was for nothing ...
Dátum: 2010.12.23. 09:44:24
I hope that people will take sides and start flaming also more conspiracy ideas would be nice

Really reading this topic is like watching some soap opera or reading a conspiracy book . And if Mspiggy turns out to be a Mrspiggy it will be more fun to read ( altho i will be a little disapointed because i was fantasizing about a possible affair with her in wich i will turn her to my clan and also learn the secret to becoming a robber baron ) .

So i am waiting with interest to see the end of this ...
Dátum: 2010.12.22. 20:23:03
yep ! it is possible ... Go for it !
Dátum: 2010.12.22. 20:12:22
I hope that she did not cheat because i like her - i can"t say we are friends but i did talk a little with her via msg and she looks like a very funny and original person .

But i also have a motive for hoping that : for a while she was my ideal robing machine - i mean i was playing the game and hoping that one day i will have her success ... now if her results where posible only because she was cheating it will be a disapointing moment for me
Dátum: 2010.11.08. 19:06:50
You can find your horde leader -- in legend at level 11 ( just click om the highlighted text ) .

hope it helps
Dátum: 2010.10.05. 15:49:25
Nice idea !!

thanks !
Dátum: 2010.07.28. 19:31:23
I second that !

Its a good idea and we should have a regular date for the tournament .

Also if i may sugest other categories in the tournament - like a pet tournament .
Dátum: 2010.07.26. 20:08:34
In legend level 24 .
Dátum: 2010.07.23. 15:55:41
tHE POINT of a duel is to get SE NOT Exp .

I want to get as little exp from my duels as i can .

And the arena is great if you know how to use it . Also the kennel its a must for every player that has a pet !!!
Dátum: 2010.06.05. 17:48:35
Good to know ! I was wondering if I miss the olimpics because it did not shown anymore .

Looking foward to the new and improve olympics !!!
Dátum: 2010.06.04. 12:11:58
I think that the World Events news about the winners of the today championship where wrong -- it got fix

sorry about the post !
Dátum: 2010.05.10. 14:45:19
It does show !

I look you up in the highscores and you have a Golden horn of power .

Try and look at me and you will see what relic I have ... So don"t worry it is active .
Dátum: 2010.05.05. 10:49:29
If the Date of the next championship is : May 07. 2010 what is the last day that I can register >> 06 May ?
Dátum: 2010.05.05. 10:46:58
It is a skill :

Learning Level 38: horde making - This skill gives you the opportunity to take more than one pet into battle. At level 10 = +1, at level 30 = +2, at the max level of 60 = +3 animals may be assigned to fight. If you take more animals into battle, each attacks and damages your opponent, but the absorption does not sum up, just the average is counted. If victorious each pet receives a morale bonus and experience points.
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