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Dátum: 2011.02.05. 19:01:57
i noticed btw that the white crystal potions (which describe the potion as adding 50 crystal points) only ad FIVE (5) points!!! not 50!!!

oh and one more thing.. why dont people with DD get any SE for these duels at all when useing duel points??? very unfair to get absolutely 0 SE when using up hundreds of DP for this event.
Dátum: 2010.12.06. 17:12:35
how in gods name did this question pass?

Whose eyes seems to be diffrently coloured?
Lady Gaga
David Bowie (marked correct)
Luciano Pavarotti
Bon Jovi

how are you supposed to know this? how can it even be verified? people can wear contacts in diferent pictures all the time. This should never have been passed!!!
Dátum: 2010.08.07. 22:21:35
just had this question AGAIN... it should be erased as the question is formulated WRONG. so the answer will often be wrong because of it since you need to GUESS what the correct question is.

A brick weighs 2kg and half a brick, how much do 2 bricks weigh?

again.. what is the phrase "and a half brick" supposed to mean? 1 brick + half a brick? the question should read "2 kg AS a half brick" or "Half a brick weighs 2kg."
Dátum: 2010.08.06. 22:09:08
"What movie series was Darth Vadar in?"

Darth VadEr is spelled wrong.....
Dátum: 2010.08.03. 15:30:54
no i don't want the crystalizer to give real stones for looted SE.. would indeed ruin it.. but let the building give BoAS from looted SE if you choose to do it so people who don't/can't buy real stones can at least build this building a little faster
Dátum: 2010.08.02. 04:08:36
yeah seriously that makes 2 of us.. this will take for EVER to build it to level 3 for the dim gate as our clan only has 1 guy with premium who doesn't wanna spend his real ones on it, and i don't blame him...

getting the BoAS from hunting will take forever to get 300+ stones geesh
Dátum: 2010.08.01. 14:41:26
what about the line in the energy crystalizer that says "You can crystalize the looted soul-energy into ancient stones"

does it actually DO that? if not.. the mods need to change the description on the building... if it doesn't convert SE into stones what is the use of the building (other then a pre req for the dim gate).

seems a bit unfair that if you build it with all yer BoAS you dont get anything in return.

and btw.. i leveled up after the building was built, and i did NOT get a BoAS from the building =/
Dátum: 2010.05.21. 12:20:28
just got this question

Who Invented the battery?

Bruno Abakanowicz
Thomas Edison
Anatoly Alexandrov **
Alessandro Volta

this is incorrect... he might have invented the MODERN battery, but batteries have been around since the ancient Egyptian times 4300 years ago. They were clay pots filled with vinegar using a copper cylincer with an iron rod in it.
Dátum: 2010.04.11. 11:28:31

In what continent Toronto and Buenos Aires are?

really? i had questions rejected for "bad spelling" that had NONE in them at all, with correct grammar to boot, and this gets passed?
Dátum: 2010.04.06. 12:46:15
The most popular MMORPG that has over 11 million players is?

World of Warcraft
EverQuest II
Lineage II
Lord of the Rings Online

The question is valued as "Bad, incorrect question"!
Spelling mistakes in question or answers.

Hate to bring it to you, but there are NO SPELLING mistakes in there.... Learn your Engrish better, the questions i see that pass while others get marked as bad is getting rediculous!

Hell.. there are even spelling mistakes in the description of the game itself!
Dátum: 2010.04.05. 15:20:29
Which football club has the most fan in Iran?

how has this question been passed??? who outside of Iran would know this little tidbit of info? this should be flagged as being only knowledgable by a select few people, and scrapped from the data base.
Dátum: 2010.03.28. 21:28:06
not sure who the "evaluators" are, but there are questions they are passing that are full of spelling mistakes, while others that are propper grammar AND spelling get rejected for incorrect spelling....

need some new evaluators imo
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