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Date: 2011.04.07. 16:08:08
"Familiars: you get this creature trained. It's base level will equal your level at the time of purchase. It's normal level starts at 1, but advances faster than other pets, until it reaches it's base level. "

Does this mean
A) it advances faster until it reaches it's base level and then advances at the same rate as a normal pet
B) it advances faster until it reaches it's base level and then it's maxed and gain no additional levels

Date: 2011.02.10. 21:59:32
Quote: Hrus - 2011.02.09. 22:40:14
On world2 my bid just got applied to different item. I applied the bid to Stone of Genius to overbid screwdriver, but it got applied to lesser stone of IQ. If I try to bid again for stone of genius, nothing changes.

OK, I bought the lesser item despite I didn't want it for that prize....
Refund possible?
Date: 2011.02.10. 09:01:55
so what will happen if the prisons are not built in time (which seems likely)?
No rewards and lot of angry players?
Date: 2011.02.09. 22:40:14
On world2 my bid just got applied to different item. I applied the bid to Stone of Genius to overbid screwdriver, but it got applied to lesser stone of IQ. If I try to bid again for stone of genius, nothing changes.
Date: 2011.02.04. 15:52:04
When attacking with APs, should I have spectral manipulation boosted for better SE gain? or is it irrelevant?
Date: 2011.01.14. 12:00:56
IIRC, critical spell makes your spell do 1.3x higher damage.
So with 220 THA, my max damage including critical should be: Max spell dmg *(1+THA/100)*1.3 = 220*3*1.3=800, but I allways do much more, even without critical.

If it is 3% per THA point, it's 220*7*1.3=2002
(I would also say that whole THA is used, not only THA>20. That would bring me to 220*7.6*1.3 = 2173. My current most damage dealt is 2164 which would correspond with it.)
Date: 2011.01.07. 11:23:07
I think there are few imbalanced things:
1) dedicated builder will be in real disadvantage against universal players and duelers (They can easily get the rewards from both building and attacking xeno-epic). Maybe player will choose a category building or attacking?
2) Low level players can't have manaconstruction. It just doesn't seem fair to them.
3) Low level players don't have so many duel/action points...

Otherwise I like the idea very much. It just seems it needs some polishing and balancing.
Date: 2011.01.06. 10:00:07
The Descrition for Thaumaturgy doesn't seem right. I can do 2K damage with my spell (143-220 damage), but my THA is around 200, not 600. (2000/1.3)/220 = 7

Seems mor like 3% damage bonus per level of THA.
Date: 2010.12.28. 10:12:30
"You are not powerful enough to challenge a new entity. You need to advance a level first."
This is unfortunate. I can't challenge my 47th entity at lvl 55. What's the exact formulla fot this non-sense limitation? I hope it's not 1 entity per level because my superior entity combat skill would be wasted.
Date: 2010.12.23. 14:33:44
Quote: dark22 - 2010.12.15. 10:26:22
Well this is unpleasant suprise, I d really like someone to check this battle up and return me the DP I ve spend as well as erase this battle from record unless this lvl 15 dude has execution over 30 in 81 total skill points.

I was reading the forum after some time and though it's kind of an older post, I think something is wrong here. Everytime I execute someone, the battle ends immediatly after the lst blow, even if it is the spell which executed him. After Dark22 was wounded last time, he did another 2 attack, so it seems strange...
According to my observations (I have the excel spreadsheet with my hunt results), the bonus from the hunt relic is applied on the whole hunt (aka multiplicative with spectral manipulation bonus). So it's real 3% gain, not 1.5% when SM is maxed.
Date: 2010.11.30. 10:05:08
what does exactly mean "doesn't stack with Tower of Power Bonus"?
What does happen when you have Tower of POwer? the relic is nullified? Or the percentage bonuses just adds together (and don't multiply)?
Date: 2010.10.24. 17:56:25
Luck only grows from normal building not from manaconstruction. So use both types of building.
Date: 2010.10.13. 10:53:26
Quote: D00ml0rd - 2010.10.13. 07:55:44

luck i dont care about that its a non stat as far as this event is concerned, i didnt get the last relic despite my best efforts and a load of wasted aps last few days trying and i dont care about the first relic, the magic absorber was worth getting but thats it for me

for me this event sucked, i wish i hadnt let myself get talked into it (thanks heaps Kethos)

i got screwed, my fault cos i knew it was dodgy from beginning, maybe if i was a moderator i would have got better result but i defnately lost on this. I was in top 5ish for stats before this event for quite some time nd ill be lucky to be on first page once everyon es collected

event was a rip off, despite what kethos says i would recommen d everyone to think very carefully before particpating in another form of this rip off event

I also didn't like the vague information, but it was worth it for me.
On world 1 I got ~2M invested and the ability increase was equal to ~3M for me.

Also D00ml0rd, haven't you invest into abilities during the event? If it's so, the reward gets smaller. After the event finished, I got +24 to all abilities. I didn't accept it, but I invest into my attack first few times and when I wanted to accept the reward afterwards, it got smaller (like +23 to all)
Date: 2010.10.07. 14:25:09
Thanks great! (Not so great that I just killed my 30th entity - at lvl 79) But now i know I have to skip one entity level...
Date: 2010.10.07. 13:33:29
Hi, I have few questions:
1) X% extra damage against epic monsters (property on epic crystals, necklaces and rings) - does it work against both epics and entities? For both spell and weapon damage?

2) What are the breakpoints in epic/entity level to get higher lvl rings/necklaces?
Date: 2010.10.07. 13:25:17
He probably signed to champ when he was 25. It seems strange to gain 3 levels so quickly, but if he saved action points he could quickly leveled with Zaraknod's Event...
Date: 2010.10.07. 08:20:52
Quote: Inv_ - 2010.10.06. 20:47:43
if one player has 50 spectral manipulation, 100 mind boost and got :

Spectral Manipulator 40 +6 Defense, +6 Absorption, +7 spectral manipulation

would he get 50+50 +7 spectral manipulation OR 50 + 7 + 43 ?

AFAIK, only some relics and medals can go beyond maximum of the skill (medal of doom).
It will be the second option: 50+7+43
Date: 2010.10.06. 14:12:32
It definitly uses duel penalty attributes. It's written somewhere in this thread. Don't know if it is a bug or feature, but it's not worth repairing now.
Also I think it does appear in a battle description (something like "you are fatiqued from previous fights... your abilities are 50% lower")
Date: 2010.10.01. 10:50:06
Which of these is not true about Norah Jones?
She plays piano/keyboards and guitar.
Her album Come Away with Me earned 5 Grammy Awards.
She is the daughter of Ravi Shankar.
She never played in any movie. *

All of this is true.
"In 2007, Jones made her acting debut as the protagonist in a film directed by Wong Kar-wai. The film, My Blueberry Nights, opened for the 2007 Cannes Film Festival"
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