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Date: 2013.11.06. 15:42:40
W4 Auction House announcement

As there is no auction on World 4, we gave back all the items, ancient stones and action points spent on ducats to all players.
Date: 2013.10.16. 19:14:12
Yes, they work together. You receive 110% bonus to healing potions bought for ancient stones.
Date: 2013.09.04. 13:07:18
We installed new non-player characters to every level of the event, so you can find more opponent now.
Date: 2013.07.09. 12:21:41
Dear Players,

We extended the deadline of he Ruler of the Planet event by one day until July 10, 14:00.

The reasons are as follows:
For some hours there was a bug in the program, that caused real disadvantage for those characters who were near to their level up line. (And a smaller inconvenience for those who tried to attack them.)

So this extension is for the sake of those who suffered because of this problem, but any can use this possibility to finish in time.
Date: 2013.06.20. 00:12:11
Quote: Dancer - 2013.06.19. 00:44:05
What happens if you already have the chain of dread?
Do we get a stronger version?

Actually the chain should disappear and you get a special Medal of Dread instead. If you complete the whole pyramid again, you get your chain back.
Date: 2013.06.14. 16:54:29
The questions are asked again and again until the players categorize them.

The problem is that even if you vote for a category the question will be asked again until enough votes are collected from the other players.
Date: 2013.06.14. 16:32:56
The Ruler of the Planet event will start on 18th June, at 2 P.M. CET.

There is a non-secret change in the event: you can use only one royal decree/day. That means, you can use one decree on the first day. However you can spare your decrees for further use: for example if you don't use any on the first two days, you can use three on the third day.
Date: 2013.05.26. 20:29:57
We uploaded a patch that would show you the number of AA points totally spent alongside the remaining AA points. Apparently it doesn't work correctly.

We shall fix the problem soon.
Date: 2013.05.26. 20:20:33
You are right, we forgot to delete the clones from the list before announcing the winners.

We shall modify the results, but it may take some days to do it.
Date: 2013.05.11. 10:42:01
At the Landragor event you can't capture pets by activating the pylon. However at the end of the event you will get a soul-energy compensation as if you squeezed an average number of pets.
On the other hand you will get helm shards for hunting and capturing as a comfort function.

Unfortunately these "captures" don't count for tasks and temple quests, so if you want to fulfill these, or you really want a new pet, you must hunt the usual way.

I was informed that this may be changed later, but now it works like this.
Date: 2013.05.08. 10:54:41
The Crystals are clones of existing characters in the game (with some modyfiers). The smaller ones are computer generated in set intervals, because they are not improved as normal characters. Their names and pictures are randomly chosen each time.
That's why you can meet with two Crystals named as Leahspawn with totally different statistics.

Well, its not too realistic, but you can still look at it in a role-playing way. For example in the fantasy cycle of George R.R. Martin the warrior-eunuchs of Astapor also get a new name (from a set of names) each morning.
Date: 2013.05.06. 08:31:53
Yes, the Landragor event will start as it is stated in schedule, i.e. on May 9th.
Date: 2013.05.06. 08:10:56
Sorry, but it was a different mistake.
(I'm not sure, but it might be the result of my bad edition.)
Date: 2013.04.04. 11:56:13
Sorry, the answers are automatically generated.

There is a possibility for the evaluators: "Let the quest be completed". It means, that the question will not be part of the database and you will not get a good or a bad question tag, but your quest is still completed.
We use this evaluation in case of smaller grammatical errors and typos, when the question is already in the database (but not an obvious choice) or when we do not like the question for some other reason, but it still seems reasonable to let the quest be completed.
Date: 2013.03.19. 09:25:13
Quote: Johannes Buckbeak - 2013.03.15. 12:13:16
Quote: TheLion - 2013.03.14. 20:40:36
I may have read the question wrong but I swear it said:

On a dartboard, what is the lowest score you can get with one dart?

four numbers in the twenties are listed with 21 being the lowest and 23 being marked correct. So unless I did read it wrong, the 21 should be correct since a single dart in the triple 7 ring scores 21 points.

I don't even know how you score 23 with a single dart? So maybe I read it wrong...

I think you will find that the question asks "What is the lowest number you can not score with one dart?" The answer to that question is indeed 23.

Actually, the question was: "On a standard dartboard, what is the lowest number that can't be scored with a single dart?"

I corrected the other questions, too.
Date: 2013.02.12. 08:36:50
I can find the answer, too and the Google is automatically set to international if you type (or copy) an English question.
The problem is, that I don't think any non-Japanese person can answer this question from memory or by logics. And quiz is not intended to be a "who can use Google" game.

However the evaluation is a subjective thing, so you may be right and perhaps this is not such a special question as I think.
Date: 2013.01.21. 08:33:03
Thanks, I edited the errors.
Date: 2013.01.18. 08:31:56
Yes, unfortunately you cannot drag a much lower level character with a scarab into the torture chamber.
We may reconsider that after using security essence you should be able to do it, but it's programming work so it can take some time.
Date: 2013.01.12. 22:39:32
Date: 2013.01.09. 10:40:41
I made some corrections again.
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