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Date: 2010.12.09. 16:15:11
Sometimes reading this topic is more fun than the actual game. The level of frustration shown by some underage "I speak english as first language" people reaches insanity. It is a pity that so often they are ignoring the point and reach for interpersonal arguments. I would like to propose to implement a new rule to people who are posting new quiz questions. Prior to adding a question they should agree to a statement which says that they are willing to accept a fact that their questions might be rejected many times for multiple reasons that they may not be happy with.
I am not being sarcastic, it would work just like due dilligence in terms of phiantrophy and it would save us dozens of unnecessary comments.
I am as well suprised by dark22 that he/she still bothers to answer to some posts here knowing that all he/she can achieve is a response full of frustration. Keep up good work dark22, even if in this case it was not worth to bother.
Dear Dimos,

first of all I have to inform you that informations provided by wikipedia can be wrong therefore it can not be used as a source to prove that answer to your question is correct. Secondly it is impossible to establish the number of children concieved by Johann Sebastian Bach for few reasons, the most important of them is: it is impossible to establish the number of females that had a sexual intercorse with Johann Sebastian Bach during his adult life. He could have any number of children and a situation when he did not confirm his parenthood to some of them is highly possible.
You could possibly change the question to: how many officially recognised children did Johann Sebastian Bach have? But in my humble opinion it is just a not interesting lexical knowledge and will be evaluated as bad question anyway.
Date: 2010.12.04. 17:46:19
Could someone give me the correct formula for transcendal projection, please?
Date: 2010.12.01. 23:02:14
D00ml0rd I believe we all read your posts carefully. It's a pity that it is very often pointless
I cant be bothered to respond to your posts anymore because you make them rather personal and do not concentrate on the actual topic so I will give you one very last advice: If in your humble opinion a quest is pointless than do not complete it. You really do not have to finish quests that does not make sense. Oh and please do not respond with obvious "but I will not be able to do further quests" because you will deny your own opinion that way.

If you are willing to respond to my post, please have the decency to spell my nickname correctly.
Date: 2010.12.01. 15:07:01
Sorry, did not read the rules properly.
Date: 2010.12.01. 14:56:31
Did not read the rules properly, sorry for trouble.
Date: 2010.12.01. 12:15:09
Support Keithos on that. If anyone will follow your way of thinking D00ml0rd at some point half of the quests could be classified as pointless. Instead of complaining that something is difficult try to find a way to make it as easy and as harmless for you as possible.
Date: 2010.11.30. 04:11:11
Would belt of specialization work along with maximum level of ultraspecialization? I mean would the bonus be taken beyond the maximum?
Date: 2010.11.21. 23:30:25
Boar please tell us more about how it has been fixed and how does it look like now. Quiz olympics was the main reason I started playing this game and was the main feature that brought players to it.
Date: 2010.11.20. 20:51:13
Quick question: does relics obtained from map event can boost your skill over the maximum or not?
Date: 2010.11.19. 23:02:13
D00ml0rd I think you are being way overdramatic with what you are saying. If you have such a big problem with spiders than become a spider (or maybe you do not have what it takes to be one?). Arguments provided by Miklos are more than enough for me and I am a person that experienced "the suffering" from spiders of all levels. Yet I still enjoy the game and do not cry over and over again.
Date: 2010.11.18. 16:02:03
I am very suprised to find today a new skill called "Map finding". I assume that it is for the map event although I have never ever seen it before. Can someone tell me how this skill exactly affect my character and when was added to the game engine?
Date: 2010.11.07. 15:24:27
Quote: Viridel - 2010.11.07. 06:31:05

Petel, if I wanted your opinion, I would tell you what it was.

There is NO reason we can't have:
a) A faster cycle in the Auction House
b) Better relics that are actually worth bidding on.

That's all I'm saying.

Faster cycle and better relics will give an additional advantage to some players, it will make the game imbalanced and I strongly disagree with this idea. I started playing this game a long time after W1 was created, yet I can find myself in top 50 (both levels and top SE loots). If the auction house relics were given away every second day I will never have the chance to catch players that started playing before me.

Forum is for sake of exchanging opinions, you should not deny my valuable advice without contemplating them.

The first sentence you wrote does not really make any sense.
Date: 2010.11.07. 00:50:20
Viridel if you are so bored, please go out, maybe talk to some people? Go for a date, a party or whateverelse you fancy. Just stop bothering us with your frustration, you do not have to play this game and if it is so boring than why you keep doing it?
Date: 2010.10.31. 13:37:13
The answer is: BOTH.

There is plenty of players like me who both hunts and duels and it turns for them very well.
Date: 2010.10.25. 23:51:15
Whoever is complaining about "invicible" characters is a little bit insane and a little bit too frustrated. I will show this aspect basing on my own experience. I have never ever put a penny into the game and I started rather late comparing to some other players. I enjoy every aspect of the game and I have a balanced character (dueling and hunting are both very useful for me). Despite of that I can find myslef in top 50 of acquired SE difference in world 1 and when I was playing on world 2 I was always in top 10, much higher than MissPiggy that time. This is all because I constantly learn how to play this game and other more expecienced players are often advicing me what to do (thanks Boar).
My conclusion is that if you know how to play the game you will be able to avoid spider characters and at the same time become a strong threatened player. So, excuse me, but anyone who is complaining about Kalamona, One Eyed Jack, Arthur The Dumpling or Little Angel from world 1 should rather think of their strategy. There is nothing easier than just gain few levels and these strong spider characters will just leave you alone.
I do not play in world 2 anymore but I can clearly say that +6 million of SE difference that MsPiggy achieved is not a cheat but a matter of excellent strategy, so anyone who is about to complaint should really congratulate her.
Date: 2010.10.18. 02:42:20
I am not saying that you did not do the right math. I am speaking only on my and my clanmates behalf. I can not consider the factor of maxed ultraspecialization as I do not have it at all yet, so you have made a point here. My previous post is dedicated to guys like D00ml0rd who besides not funny nagging can not provide any valuable informations in terms of their unsatisfying rewards.
Date: 2010.10.17. 23:40:20
I am starting to think that everyone who complaints about this event is having a laugh or just can not calculate. Among all my clanmates I have not heard a single complaint and everyone is happy with the rewards they got. Events like zarknod's awakening can really boost up players abilities and I personally can not wait for another one.
Date: 2010.10.15. 01:10:26
I disagree with the auction house cycles reduction. The way it is now is fine, a relic is something special and we do not too many members with over 10 relics.
Date: 2010.10.15. 01:08:17
100 victories is nothing, it took me way over 100 victories to get my second relic and about 240 victories to gain third relic, just carry on and you will find them
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