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Date: 2016.04.07. 17:06:27
Thanks Miklos, i ll do just that... And just to be safe stop the hunting trips the week before the next event .
Date: 2016.04.07. 15:01:02
I was caught of guard by the Landragor event ( 10 action points lol), so what i want to ask is:
Does all the special events use action points?

Thank you for your time

Date: 2016.03.29. 21:36:26
There is always that possibility, good point lol, one or two more months and i should be level 40
Date: 2016.03.28. 10:07:59
I lovedthe bunny pictures that were added yesterday.It inspired me to write a little adventure, the problem is i m still level 16 and for what i saw in the wiki i need to be level 40 to add it to the game. So here it his the first adventure of the doomlord and the cute bunny.

The sun just rise, the birds are singing and it is wonderful weather out there. The perfect day for a small trip to the nearby city’s marketplace.
As i entered the forest i ear a strange noise.
(Defence check passed)
It is coming from the nearby bushes.
(Attack check passed)
I silently unsheathe my sword and approach the bushes, ready to ambush whatever monster is hiding in there.
The bushes rustle and a wild cute bunny comes out and looks at me for a moment, ready to bolt back to the forest at the slightest sense of danger.
(Trapping check passed)
I take two small steps behind and crouch to look less intimidating.
(IQ Check, passed)
The poor thing looks half starved.
(Animal training check passed)
I grab my bag, take out some vegetables and slowly stretch my hand in the bunny direction. Sensing no danger he approaches and quickly gulps down the food and looks at me in a friendly manner.
(Charisma check passed)
I rise up and prepare to continuo on my way but notice the bunny is following me around. (gingle) Looks like I got another fearsome pet. All right little fellow lets continuo our journey together.
(Luck check passed)
As we prepare to leave the forest the bunny steps in front of me and starts to stomp his paw into the ground. I circle around him preparing to leave but he repeats the same behaviour. Odd!!
(Magic check passed)
I scan the area and find a magically concealed pit trap. I pet the little bunny and say in a hushed voice.
- You just save my life little one.
The rest of the journey goes smoothly and we were able to reach the city gates without any problems. Maybe we can find some adventure inside… How knows?

By the way if any fellow doomlord likes this adventure fell free to add it to the game.

Date: 2016.03.09. 21:56:21
Sweet. Thank you very much mamunkind.
Date: 2016.03.09. 19:57:29
Here goes another question from this new born doomlord.

At the temple there is a reward called medal of doom (+1 building, -1 sec to hunt)
Does the +1 building goes beyond the maximum build skill (40) ?

Date: 2016.03.08. 13:26:55
Thank you for the information mr.Miklos
Date: 2016.03.08. 12:11:55
This is not so much of an help request, it's more like satisfying my curiosity.

In the clan high score i come upon 3 crystal clans (W1,W2 and W3) that belong to crystal horde. When i started the game i had 4 hordes to choose from and none of theme where crystal horde, So the question is, what is crystal horde? And what is it's horde bonus.

Thank you very much for your time.

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