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Date: 2018.01.02. 14:38:32
And here i was "valiantly battling" our clan newest epic monster, when i noticed that not only did it had 5 pets but, more importantly one of those pets was called Miklos. How did that happen?
Date: 2017.12.11. 13:54:12
To be able to grow a tree of knowledge you need to get the pyramid of glory level 25/ the piramyd needs (Alchemy laboratory 50, Dimension Gate 50, Kennel 49, Training Grounds 35).
You can try the page although like Tallia said its a bit outdated
Date: 2017.11.21. 11:59:15

If you don't want to be attacked with subplasma you can go to the settings page and check the
"As long as I am a premium member, I do not want to be attacked with subplasma" option.
Date: 2017.09.26. 10:39:29
There is an handy list of quest tips in this page

It states that you need to be level 49 to be able to discover the white knigth identity, that means chapter 48.
On chapter 48 you can click the words "Or shall we call him the Ruler?" to compleate the quest ( ctrl+F, will help you )
Date: 2017.06.09. 17:44:45
"The soul-energy focusator increases the amount of soul-energy you get for hunts by 0,5% per level. Affects only hunt, not any other action which consumes APts. Max. level 20."
So since ladragor battles are not actual hunts they are not affected by the soul-energy focusator in any way? Is this correct?
Date: 2017.05.19. 15:38:08
Hum, lets wait and see. Thank you for the help mr Manunkind and ms Khine.

Just got the response from the support:

today, 06:27Hatsepsut

The focusator can be build only by those clan members, who has at least 5 votes (three in a three-member clan).

Have a nice day,

Beholder Team
Date: 2017.05.18. 17:36:47
Not yet manunkind. Already sent a ticket reporting this...just in case.
Date: 2017.05.18. 14:49:38
- Today, 11:58:40
We added new, temporal clan buildings to the game, these are called focusators. Each gives a different, temporal bonus to the clan members. The building is destroyed at the end of the week. You can have only one building at once, and you can't build the same buildings for 2 consequent weeks."

Thanks for the new building Mr Miklos.
A little question if i may. How do we build this buildings? i only see the progress bar, no option to build... Does it have any kind of requirement?
Date: 2017.05.06. 10:05:46
There are some special pet equipments called fetishes, get them from events (100-120 event tokens) or from the relic page( only one, 100 ancient stones), that when given to a level 50+ pet will allow you to turn it into a minion ( pet page->ascend section).

Once you get your minion you can buy an astral stone, from the soul huckster (misc section at 10 ancient stones), and give it to your minion so it can do an astral travel (pet page-> minion sectin, takes 45 hours). When the journey ends your minion will have learned a skill (random, apart from the first skill that is always knowledge).

Now that you have a minion that knows a skill or two you can, finaly, use those mytokronit to increase the level of the skills

Hope it helped
Date: 2016.11.17. 08:35:37
Greetings fellow doomlords.

I m currentelly trying to do the 5 'Achieve draws in duels at least 5 times'. Só if any of you is getting a little tiered of bloodtirsty battles and want to engage in a couple of friendly sparring duels, seek me out. You can usually find me near clan crusader's tree of knowledge.

Best regards

Fos (level 64 saphire doomlord)
Date: 2016.07.02. 17:08:12
Thanks for the replay Miklos. And happy holiday, mr programmer... feeling a bit jealous, i just finished mine lol
Date: 2016.06.29. 15:23:50
@Khine- yes there are several worlds but the planes are aligned so it's sometime difficult to understand where one world begins and the other world ends. For example today i woke up in world 1, took a quick breakfast in world 2 and went hunting for a doomlord with a pet in world 3... Feeling like a planeswalker

@HolyHeat- Glad you were able to finish in the top 3, it will be nice seeing another stylish avatar in game . As for the character transfer, i also click the transfer button and received a little message telling me that the transfer would take a few days to be concluded. My Fos(W4) is still not available, maybe that's why your HolyHeat is also not available...
Date: 2016.05.19. 17:40:26
Thank you for the fast awser Miklos. We ll be shure not to break any rule.
Date: 2016.05.19. 17:38:32
Nevermind. Can be deleted! Sorry about that.
Date: 2016.05.19. 13:25:09
The event calendar of 2016 states that there will be a new event called Ruler of the Planet starting on 19 of May (today). I found the refered event in the misc section but i dont see any tasks to complete , or a way to start it... What do i need to do?

By the way, my girlfriend was thinking to give doomlord another go and wanted to join the W4 competition. The thing is we share the same computer and she wants to join my clan... I saw your multiple account policy and for what i understand this situation is possible if we both play a character that develops stats and skills and dont overbuild with any of the characters. Is this any diferent for world 4?

Date: 2016.05.19. 13:18:07
Regarding the pet page, it would be nice to have a way of selecting multiple pets (a check mark next to them), and a send all selected pets to rest/fight/ train button(similar to the heal all selected pets button)

Date: 2016.05.06. 18:12:41
Loved the idea Fatmonk.

Maybe the Defender of the clan could also help fellow clan members on defence...

An hostile doomlord attacks a clan member
Random chance the defender will aid the clan member. If the defender does not help, the duel goes as normal.
If the defender helps the clan member. A message apears "I m the Defender of Clan Crusader , this doomlord is under my protection back down now."
The attaker gets the option of fleeing the scene (lossing the duel point and getting the fatigue penalty, maybe paying a token amount of SE...)
If the attaker still wants to attack The defender of the clan assists the clan memeber by doing 0-3 actions in combat (luck dependent)
Possible actions :
-Cast a spell at the start of the duel (equipped spelll)
-Reduce enemy defence (flank attack)
-Parry an enemy attack (no damadge done)
-Order his pets to attack the enemy ( doing the normal damage)
-Disarm enemy ( enemy loses is weapon bonuses for one attack only)
-At the end of the battle the defender of the clan tends to his allies wounds (based on the defender of the clan heal skill)

Just an idea

Date: 2016.04.29. 10:11:27
Just did it. Thanks for pointing it out Digitalis.

Update, the suport team already solved the problem. They sure are fast
Date: 2016.04.28. 13:50:11
My character in world 4 -Fos(W4)- has not had any increase in luck for SE spent in clan buildings. I have a building score of 570k SE (470k if we take the SE from mana construction), it should be enough for at leaste one point increase. Also on the character scree the luck stat is not displayed so i m guessing this is some kind of bug.
As a reference 2dark as a building score of 440K and a luck stat of 54.

Could you fix the situation.
Thanks in advanced.

Date: 2016.04.18. 12:08:02
Thanks for the tip Digitalis.

Regarding Landragor battles while invisible. I didnt noticed any reduction in the xp gain when i went invisible, the SE gain is a little harder to evaluate... Is there any diference (SE, ablility gain) by doing Landragor battles while invisible?

Thank you for your time

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