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Name of topic: My quiz question was rejected

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Re: My quiz question was rejected
1541. post - 2014.05.14. 10:27:52 (Reply to post #1540 of manunkind.)
I don't respond to player provocation Manunkind. I usually make post about how I don't like being treated by Beholder. That's when some smart-ass jumps from a bush and starts throwing stones at me cause I complain. What else should I do but mock them? I don't care about what most people think about me. I will continue to speak my mind until my concerns are heard and at least answered or until I am silenced by Miklos ( following the deletion of my char, of course ).
Trackur might have been a pain in the B on the forums as well (his language was far rougher than mine), yet he was a paying customer. I really wonder how many of those can the Int server afford to loose before it becomes unfeasible cost-wise
it figures ....
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